Reality star unveils surgery results after getting rid of ‘man boobs’

APPRENTICE star David Stevenson opened up about his cosmetic surgery after being forced to cover up during reality show press pictures.

The former Make Or Break star opened up about his struggles with online trolls and body shaming after pictures of him surfaced from the TV show and turned into a meme.

Having appeared on TV two years prior to his Make Or Break stint on BBC1’s The Apprentice, David had experienced two very different worlds of reality TV.

The 27-year-old suffers from a disorder called Gynecomastia which is a hormone imbalance in men that increases breast tissue, resulting in what is known as ‘man boobs’.

Having felt compelled to spend £3000 on the Gynecomastia surgery and Vaster Liposuction after being made to cover up in the press photos for the reality show, the TV personality spoke exclusively to Daily Star Online about his insecurities.

On the day of shooting the promo pictures for the show, David was surrounded by fellow cast members who all had similar muscular physiques, he said: “It was a bit embarrassing when all of those guys with sexy bodies were around me, especially because I got on the show because of my personality, it would’ve been nice to have the body, too.

“When we were doing the press shots for Channel 5, [the press team] were trying to make me cover up. Initially they asked me to wear a t-shirt for the official poster, but I kicked off.

“I didn’t want to be the only guy wearing a t-shirt when everyone else had their shirts off. That’s even more embarrassing for me.”

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